GCT Advisory Board


The advisory board is a select group of independent professionals who provide advice and support to the owners of GCT. The board provides non-binding strategic advice.


  • Provide an independent source of information and advice to the owners on strategic issues or risks confronting the business
  • Create a learning and challenge forum
Roles and responsibilities for advisory board members include:
  • Continuously provide updates on the business, market and industry trends
  • Provide wise counsel on issues raised by the owners, directors and managers
  • Provide the directors and management with insights and ideas which can only come with distance from the day-to-day operations
  • Encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas
  • Encourage the development of a governance framework that enables continued growth
  • Monitor business performance and challenge the directors and management to consider options for improving the business
Key values of Advisory Board members:
  • Independent thought
  • Values’ alignment and cultural fit
  • Wisdom and courage

Advisor Profiles:


Mark Southey

Former Group Managing Director – Minerals, Metals and Chemicals Sector
WorleyParsons Group, Sydney, Australia


Joseph Yong

Former Group Executive Vice President
NatSteel Holdings Private Limited, Singapore


Ricardo Escobar

Former CIO – Iron Ore and Petroleum Divisions

Former President
BHP-Billiton Colombia (Cerro Matoso)