Anode Furnace Arsenic Emissions Reduction

Client: Glencore

Location: Rouyn, Canada

Anode Furnace Secondary Hooding Basic Engineering.

Project Work Includes:
  • Smelter Ventilation Survey and Plume Analysis
  • Relate Arsenic Emissions to Anode Furnace and Converter Operations
  • Secondary Hooding for vessels:
    • Anode Furnaces #5 and #7
    • Anode Furnace #6
    • Converter #7
  • CFD Modeling of Anode Furnace Secondary Hoods
    • To Determine Required Flow Rate
    • To Optimize Hood Design For Best Capture
  • Recommendations—In Progress
Anode Furnace Arsenic Emissions Reduction
Project History

Basic Engineering

June 2007

New 4LTPA Smelter ExpansionElectric Smelting Furnace Off Gas System Design