Meltshop Air Pollution Control System Evaluation (Evraz)
Meltshop CFD Model Geometry

Meltshop Air Pollution Control System Evaluation

Client: Evraz

Location: Claymont, DE

Evaluate the performance of the existing meltshop air pollution control system and make recommendations to improve emissions capture from the various sources within the meltshop.

Air Pollution Control Systems Review:
  • Complete analysis and evaluation of the current air pollution control system
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model of the meltshop:
    • Evaluate various ventilation scenarios
    • Optimize canopy hood design
    • Optimize canopy hood exhaust rates
    • Reducing meltshop openings
  • Provide short term recommendations to improve the APC system with minimal capital expenditure
  • Provide long-term recommendations optimize exhaust rates to all fume collection points and minimize meltshop fugitive emissions
Project History

Study Complete
Basic Engineering
New Off-Gas System Optimization

September 2010
December 2010
June 2013

Meltshop Air Pollution Control System Basic EngineeringMeltshop Fume Collection System Study