Converter Retrofit Project (ASARCO)
Existing Converter Aisle

Converter Retrofit Project

Client: ASARCO

Location: Hayden, Arizona

Landmark EPA legislation created new ground level  NAAQS. This standard imposes limitations for smelter operations to be enforced in 2017.

GCT has developed a project from Concept through to Detailed Engineering to improve SO2 emissions from Converter operations that will provide confidence  to achieve the  new ground level concentration limit of 75 ppb on a 1-hour average.

Key project elements:
  • Replace 5 converter operation with 3 larger converters, complete with controls, feed systems, ladles and tuyere punchers.
  • Improve hooding and off gas collection system to minimize potential fugitives to achieve > 99% SO2 fixation.
  • Install new ESP, fans, water cooled hoods, secondary hoods and damper controls.
  • Retrofit 1911 era building to accommodate new larger converters, ancillary equipment and install a roof canopy system for tertiary ventilation.
  • Upgrade plant infrastructure to include; blast air blowers, compressed air, cooling towers, electrical substation.

Total estimated project cost: ~ $110 Million

Project History

Conceptual Engineering
Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering
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Project approach and role

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