Copper Smelter Emissions Reduction Study

Client: Mexicana de Cobre

Location: La Caridad, Nacozari, Mexico

Scoping Study for Reduction of Roofline and Stack Emissions of SO2 and particulate.

Study Included:
  • Measure and Define Roofline and Stack Emissions Rates from Each Process
  • Identify high-priority areas to address emissions
  • Develop conceptual options for reducing emissions from high-priority areas
    • improved hood design
    • ductwork modifications
    • system capacity upgrades
    • optimize control strategy and flow distribution
    • install new dry or wet SO2 scrubbing technologies
    • install new baghouse
  • Benchmarking of Emissions Rates for Similar Smelting Operations
  • Order-of-Magnitude Capital Cost Estimate for Each Option
  • 5-year plan development for staged implementation
Project History

Testing and Study

August 2014

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