EAF Off Gas Waste Heat Recovery
Proposed EAF Shaft Modifications to Reduce Air Infiltration

EAF Off-Gas Waste Heat Recovery

Client: NatSteel

Location: Singapore

Conceptual and Basic Engineering for waste heat recovery systems for EAF off-gas.

  • Develop Process Design Basis
  • Establish Primary Off-Gas Cleaning System Design
  • Establish Primary Off-Gas Heat Recovery Potential
  • Evaluate System Modifications to Reduce Gas Volume and Increase Temperatures
  • Evaluate Various Heat Recovery Options for High Grade and Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery
  • Benchmark Gas Cleaning and Waste Heat Recovery Systems with Similar Operations
  • Develop General Arrangement Drawings
  • Develop Capital Cost Estimate to +/- 25% Accuracy
  • Calculate Project Economics
Project History

Conceptual Engineering
Basic Engineering

August 2010
February 2011

Process Energy Intensity EvaluationRe-Heat Furnace Waste Heat Recovery System