Electric Arc Furnace Off Gas System Design
Electric Arc Furnace Off Gas System Design
New EAF Canopy Baghouse Construction

Electric Arc Furnace Off-Gas System Design

Client: Nucor-Yamato Steel

Location: Blytheville, AR

Preliminary and Detail Design of a New EAF Canopy Baghouse System for an existing Electric Arc Furnace Meltshop.

  • EAF Secondary Fume Collection Design
  • 1,300,000 ACFM Reverse Air Baghouse Design
  • Optimized EAF canopy hood design through Computational Fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling
  • Detail Engineering—Process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, & instrumentation
  • Equipment Sizing & Specification Development
  • Total Drawings: 358
  • Construction still underway with a target for Fall 2009 startup following their fall shutdown
Project History

Basic Engineering
Detail Engineering

November 2006
August 2008

EAF Off Gas System Modifications EngineeringElectric Arc Furnace Off Gas System Design