Electric Smelting Furnace Off Gas System Design
New Spray Chamber and Air-to-Gas Heat Exchanger

Electric Smelting Furnace Off-Gas System Design

Client: BHP Billiton—Cerro Matoso

Location: Colombia

Preliminary and Basic Engineering of a New Off-Gas System for Electric Smelting Furnace #1 and #2.

  • Primary and Secondary Fume Collection Design
  • Double capacity of existing secondary baghouse
  • Primary and secondary gases to expanded secondary baghouse
  • Basic Engineering—Process, mechanical, and civil/structural
  • Equipment Sizing, Specification Preparation, and Bid Evaluation
  • Commissioning and Performance Testing
Project History

Preliminary Engineering EF#2
Gas Analysis Testing EF#2
Basic Engineering EF#2
Commissioning EF#2
Basic Engineering EF#1
Detail Engineering EF#1

March 2006
June 2006
June 2007
Aug 2008
Aug 2009
Dec 2010

Rotary Kiln 1 Off Gas 2nd Scrubber AdditionElectric Smelting Furnace Off Gas System Design