Electric Smelting Furnace Off Gas System Design
New EF3 Baghouse System

Electric Smelting Furnace Off-Gas System Design

Client: PT Vale

Location: Indonesia

Preliminary and Detail Design and Commissioning of a New Off-Gas System for 4 Electric Smelting Furnaces.

  • Primary and Secondary Fume Collection Design
  • New 375,000 ACFM Baghouse for EF1, EF2, and EF3
  • ESP to 250,000 ACFM Baghouse Conversion for EF4
  • Detail Engineering – Process, mechanical, civil/structural and electrical/instrumentation
  • Equipment Sizing, Specification Preparation, and Bid Evaluation
  • Total Drawings: Over 300
  • Commissioning and Performance Testing
Project History

EF3 Commissioning
EF4 Commissioning
EF1 & 2 Commissioning

April 2005
February 2007
Summer 2007

Electric Smelting Furnace Off Gas System DesignRotary Kiln 4 Off Gas Upgrade Study and Basic Design