Meltshop Fume Collection System Study
Modified Baghouse Reverse Air System

Meltshop Fume Collection System Study

Client: Gerdau MACSTEEL

Location: Jackson, MI

Basic and Detailed Engineering of modifications designed to ensure the client can maintain compliance with the EPA opacity mandate while continuing operation of the furnaces in the existing meltshop.

Scope of Work:
  • Implement draft control on both EAFs
  • Modify building roof vents to eliminate enclose the EAF aisle
  • Install a partition in the EAF aisle to prevent drift of fumes
  • Upgrade the baghouse by:
    • Replacing the reverse air fan and motor
    • Installing new reverse air duct and dampers
    • Installing new differential pressure transmitters on each compartment to measure the pressure drop across the bags.
    • Installing new polyester bags with PTFE membrane in all compartments
  • Installing new main fans impellers to achieve a higher flow rate
Project History

Study Complete
Basic Engineering
Detail Engineering

July, 2008
April, 2009
April, 2010

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