New Electrolytic Lead Refinery Pre Feasibility
Electrolytic Refinery Layout

New Electrolytic Lead Refinery Pre-Feasibility

Client: Met-Mex Penoles, S.A. de. C.V.

Location: Mexico

Pre-Feasibility Engineering of a New Greenfield Electrolytic Lead Refinery to Treat Impure Lead and Produce a 99.99% Pure Lead Product.

Project Work Includes:
  • Develop Process Design Basis
  • Prepare Mass and Energy Balance
  • Determine Metal Inventories
  • Benchmark Electrolytic Lead Refineries with Similar Operation
  • Develop Environmental Control Philosophy
  • Define Utility and Infrastructure Requirements
  • Establish Major Equipment Components, Sizing and Layouts
  • Develop General Arrangement Drawings
  • Establish Project Implementation Plan
  • Determine CAPEX and OPEX at ± 30%
Project History

Pre-Feasibility Engineering

January 2012

New Lead Smelter Conceptual EngineeringProcess Gas Handling System Upgrade Detail Design