Process Energy Intensity Evaluation

Client: Nucor Steel Corporate

Location: North Carolina, USA

  • (17) facilities across the United States.
  • Energy input represents a major operating cost, and energy efficiency varies significantly from furnace to furnace and meltshop to meltshop.
  • Visited each Nucor meltshop
    • Conducted an analysis of furnace energy utilization for each electric arc furnace and reheat/tunnel furnace
    • Generated an energy balance diagram with overview of the furnace energy inputs and outputs
    • Quantified off-gas heat load and volumetric flow rates
  • GCT conducted a 1.5-day seminar in Charlotte with key operating and environmental personnel from each of the meltshops. At the seminar, GCT held general discussions on the operation of furnaces, presented the results of the energy analysis at each facility, and provided recommendations and strategies to better monitor, control, and minimize energy intensity
Project History

Site Work

January – July 2006
September 2006

Reheat Furnace Energy OptimizationEAF Off Gas Waste Heat Recovery