Reheat Furnace Energy Optimization
Thermal Oil Heat Exchanger

Reheat Furnace Energy Optimization

Client: ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Location: Hamilton, ON Canada

Engineering study to evaluate the energy use of the (2) reheat furnaces (RHFs) and evaluate options to recover additional energy from the waste heat currently exiting the stacks.

Study Scope of Work:
  • Evaluate and optimize combustion air and draft control systems at the Reheat Furnaces
  • Evaluate impact of RHF fuel change on operation and RHF emissions
  • Develop NOx emissions assessment and evaluate alternatives for NOx reduction
  • Evaluate options to improve RHF efficiency and recover additional energy from waste heat
Heat Recovery Basic Engineering:
  • Basic design of a heat recovery system, including:
    • (2) Thermal oil heat exchangers
    • (1) Organic Rankine Cycle system skid
    • (2) I.D. fans
    • Thermal oil and cooling water systems
  • Estimated 16 MW of peak net electrical power generated
Project History

Study Complete
Heat Recovery Basic Engineering

March 2015
July 2016

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