Smelter Process Waste Heat Recovery Evaluation
Thermal Oil Heat Exchanger

Smelter Process Waste Heat Recovery Evaluation

Client: PT Antam

Location: Indonesia

Scoping study to evaluate waste heat recovery potential and opportunities from various smelter processes with emphasis on power generation.

  • Evaluate Waste Heat Recovery Potential from Rotary Dryers / Kilns, Electric Furnaces and Converters,
  • Quantify Existing Off-Gas Heat Load at Various Points Along the Existing Off-Gas Systems
  • Evaluate Heat Recovery Technologies for High Grade and Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery
  • Evaluate Existing System Modification Requirements
  • Calculate Project Economics
  • Recommend Most Viable Opportunities for Further Development
Project History

Scoping Study

December 2011

Energy Consumption Strategy DevelopmentIntegrated Steel Mill Energy Footprint Optimization