Tankhouse Acid Mist Control Conceptual Engineering
Tankhouse Model Domain

Tankhouse Acid Mist Control Conceptual Engineering

Client: BHP Billiton – Minera Escondida

Location: Chile

Conceptual engineering of improvements to cell house ventilation to reduce acid mist.

Project Work Includes:
  • Evaluate and Optimize Existing Process Operating Parameters and Controls
  • Benchmark Operations with International Standards
  • Ventilation Survey, Smoke Testing and Plume Analysis
  • Assess Existing Cell House Ventilation and Limitations
  • Evaluate Existing Cell Hood Design and Extraction Systems
  • Develop CFD
    • Evaluate existing ventilation systems
    • Evaluate various practical alternatives to reduce acid mist concentrations
    • Evaluate existing cell hood design
    • Evaluate alternate hood designs
  • Establish Ventilation Gas Cleaning/Scrubbing Requirements
  • Recommend Staged Implementation Plant to Meet Emissions Targets
Project History

Conceptual Engineering

March 2011

Tankhouse Acid Mist Control Conceptual Engineering
Predicted Tankhouse Acid Mist Concentrations
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