Industry and Academic Affiliations

GCT has developed strategic affiliations with other entities to offer our clients innovative, high value technology solutions as well as to foster and promote the next generation of engineers


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GTI is a leading non-profit research and development organization addressing energy and environmental challenges to enable a secure, and affordable energy future. For more than 75 years, GTI has been developing energy technology solutions with a focus on the natural gas industry.

GCT and GTI are collaborating to develop, integrate and commercialize innovative energy technologies for the metallurgical industry and others.

For example, GTI’s patented thermochemical recuperation (TCR) is a waste heat recovery technology that reduces natural gas consumption, as well as CO2 and NOx emissions in applications such as reheat furnaces, EAFs and others.


L&T is a multinational engineering, construction, manufacturing and information technology company based in India. GCT provides L&T with process engineering and design services for metallurgical applications.


Northwestern University is a premier, globally recognized institution of higher learning. GCT supports the mechanical and chemical engineering program through participation in the University’s Capstone project for students.