Energy: Featured Project

Waste Heat Recovery

GCT provided Concept engineering through to EPCM services for NatSteel in Singapore for a new Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) waste heat recovery system from the re-heat furnace stack gas.

Key Project Features:

  • Install a new direct ORC system for re-heat furnace
  • Construction completed in 17 months after receipt of order
  • Power production up to 0.6 MW
  • Zero reported accidents or incidents

Total Investment: ~5M USD

Integrated Steel Mill Energy Footprint Optimization

GCT performed a study to evaluate the overall site energy usage at ArcelorMittal Dofasco and predict the future plant energy footprint resulting from various changes to production and processes. Project opportunities were developed to reduce energy consumption and the use of purchased fuels.

Key Project Features:

  • Developed interactive model to compare plant wide energy requirements for various scenarios.
  • Optimized the steam system (generation, distribution and use)
  • Developed recommendations for the best utilization of available resources
  • Identified project opportunities designed to reduce energy consumption and external fuel purchases
  • Evaluated viable option based on project readiness, ease of implementation, risks and project economics

Gas Cleaning Services

GCT provides gas cleaning services such as process gas handling, fugitive emission control, bulk material handling, and more.


GCT provides waste heat recovery solutions, plant energy audits, decarbonization roadmap development, and many more energy services.


GCT is proud to provide hydrogen services for applications such as metallurgical reduction, industrial thermal heat, and power generation.

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