Seminars & Publications

GCT actively participates in various conferences by leading short-courses and presentation of technical papers.
Montreal, Canada – August 2022
Presentation of Papers
Vancouver, Canada – August 2019
Short-Course / Presentation of Paper
Ontario, California – February 2017
Presentation of CFD in Emissions Control Applications
Jakarta, Indonesia – June 2018
Presentation of Paper
Singapore – May 2017
Presentation of Paper



June 2020 – Remote Process Monitoring – Ferrous

June 2020 – Remote Process Monitoring – Non-Ferrous

Technical Papers

Decarbonization and Energy Optimization

Introduction to Hydrogen Gas Safety – Part 1 Industrial Storage

Decarbonization at the Anglo American Barro Smelter Through Implementation of the Ecombustible Technology

Heat Recovery and Energy Optimization in Smelter Gas Cleaning

New Approaches to Smelter Off-Gas Heat Recovery

Smart-Gas – A New Approach to Optimizing EAF Operations

Energy Conservation and Recovery in Non-Ferrous Metallurgical Plant Off-Gas Systems

Optimization of EAF Operations Through Offgas System Analysis

1998 Electric Furnace Conference Proceeding—Modeling an EAF Using Dynamic Material and Energy Balances

1997 Electric Furnace Conference Proceeding—The Dynamic Modeling of an Electric Arc Furnace

Process and Hygiene Gas Handling Systems

Environmental Emissions Management at the La Caridad Smelter

Asarco LLC Hayden Converter Retrofit Project – An Update

Practical Approach in Controlling Flue Gas Emissions

Plume Analysis and CFD Modeling for Effective EAF Meltshop Environmental Control

Emissions Reduction and Process Improvements New Anode Furnace Off-Gas System at ASARCO Hayden

Improving Steel Plant Work Environment

SO2 Emissions Reduction – A New Challenge for Aluminium Smelters

Electric Furnace Off-Gas Cleaning Systems Installation at PT Inco

Metallurgical Gas Cleaning System Design for Emissions Control and Energy Efficiency

Effective Design of Converter Hoods

A Review of Sulfide Smelting Process Gas Handling Systems

Peirce-Smith Converter Hood Design Analysis Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

Peirce Smith Converter Hood Improvements at BHP Copper

1998 Process Off-Gas Cooling Design Considerations for Non-Ferrous Metallurgical Processes

Improving the Efficiency of an Existing BOF Melt Shop Emission Control System

Process Technology

Recycling Lead, Byproduct Metals, Sulfate, and Polypropylene in Secondary Pb-Smelters

Primary Zinc Smelter Operating Data Survey

Lead Smelter Survey

Electrolytic Copper Refining 2010 World Tankhouse Survey (Part 2)

Electrolytic Copper Refining 2010 World Tankhouse Survey (Part 1)

Cu 2007 Short Course Fundamentals and Practice of Copper Electrorefining and Electrowinning—Performance of Lead Anodes During Cu Electrowinning

Advances and Application of Lead Alloy Anodes for Zinc Electrowinning

Modern Applied Technologies for Primary Lead Smelting at the Beginning of the 21st Century

A Look to the Future of Lead Products

Secondary Lead Smelting at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Primary Lead Production—A Survey of Existing Smelters

Recovery of Polypropylene From Lead-Acid Battery Scrap

Industrial-Scale Leadmaking with the QSL Continuous Oxygen Converter

Operating Experience with QSL-Plants in Germany and Korea

Operating Experience with QSL Submerged Bath Smelting for Production of Lead Bullion

Gas Cleaning Services

GCT provides gas cleaning services such as process gas handling, fugitive emission control, bulk material handling, and more.


GCT provides waste heat recovery solutions, plant energy audits, decarbonization roadmap development, and many more energy services.


GCT is proud to provide hydrogen services for applications such as metallurgical reduction, industrial thermal heat, and power generation.

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