Decarbonization Roadmap Development

With the goal of combating climate change, industrial plants are now increasingly asked to reduce their carbon footprint. GCT can assist plants develop and implement a phased decarbonization roadmap to help them reduce their carbon footprint in the most cost effective manner.

As a first step to develop the decarbonization roadmap, GCT typically performs a plant-wide audit to identify available decarbonization opportunities, which include:

  • Technical and economic evaluation of waste heat recovery opportunities
  • Technical and economic evaluation of fuel conversions to low/zero carbon fuels (e.g. hydrogen)
  • Energy optimization of energy intensive processes that in turn reduces carbon emissions
  • Evaluation of material inputs, equipment capabilities and operating practices aimed at improved operating efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions

Gas Cleaning Services

GCT provides gas cleaning services such as process gas handling, fugitive emission control, bulk material handling, and more.


GCT provides waste heat recovery solutions, plant energy audits, decarbonization roadmap development, and many more energy services.


GCT is proud to provide hydrogen services for applications such as metallurgical reduction, industrial thermal heat, and power generation.

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